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Group Life Insurance

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Group life insurance is a type of life insurance coverage for employees of an organization. It’s designed to protect the financial security of employee families in the event of death or illness, and it can be customized to fit the needs of any business size or budget.

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Details on Group Life Insurance

Employers purchase group life policies from an insurer, which covers all eligible members as part of a single contract. The benefit amount is usually based on a multiple of each employee’s annual salary, such as two times their salary or three times their salary, though some employers choose different levels of coverage. Typically, if an eligible employee dies while covered under the policy, his/her designated beneficiary will receive benefits up to the amount stated in the policy. In addition, group life insurance may also provide benefits for disability, long-term care, and more.

Group life plans are an attractive option for employers because they’re typically more affordable than individual policies. In addition, once the policy is in place, premiums are often easy to manage. And since the employer pays all of the premiums, employees don’t need to worry about additional costs. As a result, group life coverage can be a great way to offer employees peace of mind and financial security while reducing administrative burden.

Ultimately, group life insurance is a valuable benefit that can help protect employees and their families when it matters most. It’s important for employers to evaluate their needs and determine what type of protection is best for their business. By offering group life coverage, employers can ensure that their employees have the support they need in the event of an unexpected loss.


Group Life Coverage Assistance

For assistance establishing your group life plan, call us or click on the quote button and schedule a free consultation with our professional staff. We can answer all your questions and help you find a carrier that will provide a fair price for the coverage you need.

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