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Liquor Liability Insurance

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Liquor Liability Insurance can provide businesses with coverage against a variety of potential risks associated with serving and selling alcoholic beverages. This type of insurance is also known as Dram Shop Insurance, which refers to establishments that serve drinks by the (dram) measure.

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More About Liquor Liability Coverage

The insurance not only covers claims related to intoxication-related harm caused by an establishment’s patrons, but it can also provide protection for establishments against negligence suits. This includes lawsuits related to the selling of alcohol to minors or intoxicated individuals, as well as damages caused by a patron who has become intoxicated on-site.

This type of insurance is especially important for businesses that serve alcohol in their establishments, as it can protect them from potentially devastating litigation costs. Businesses that are involved in the sale, distribution, or promotion of alcohol may also find this type of coverage useful.

In addition to helping businesses cover their legal costs if they are sued for serving alcohol-related harm, Liquor Liability Insurance is often required by law in certain states. This requirement is put in place to protect establishments and their patrons from alcohol-related legal issues.


Liquor Liability Assistance

Business owners should check with their local laws before buying Liquor Liability Insurance, as they may be required to carry it in order to obtain a license or operate their business legally. To get your questions answered or to schedule a free consultation, contact us via the quote button or at the number above.

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