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Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

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Off-road vehicle insurance is designed to protect you and anyone else who may be using your off-road vehicles from any financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. It covers damage to or caused by, any off-road vehicles that you own or use. This includes ATVs (All-terrain vehicles), snowmobiles, golf carts, utility vehicles, and may other types of off-road recreation vehicles.


Off-Road Vehicle Insurance Details

Off-road vehicle insurance will also provide coverage for personal liability if someone is injured while riding on a vehicular recreational device owned by you, as well as medical payments on behalf of the rider who was involved in an accident. Depending on your policy limits, it can also provide emergency transport and repairs to your vehicle while away from home.


In addition to providing coverage for off-road vehicles, off-road vehicle insurance may also provide coverage for rental or loaned vehicles, including all the same benefits as standard policies. It is important to remember that some states require special licensing and registration for off-road vehicles; if you are operating them without proper license and registration, your policy may not provide complete coverage.

When purchasing an off-road vehicle insurance policy, it is essential to understand exactly what type of coverage is provided by each insurer and make sure that it meets your needs. Some insurers offer additional coverages such as uninsured motorist protection, which can protect you if you are in an accident with someone who does not have adequate insurance coverage. Knowing the details of your policy will help you choose the right coverage for you.


Getting the Lowest Prices on Valuable Items Coverage

Different insurers may have different levels of coverage available at varying prices so it pays to shop around and compare multiple quotes in order to find the best deal for your needs. Our team can help you find a low price on your coverage, simply call or click on the quote button to set up your free consultation.

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