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Watercraft Insurance

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Watercraft insurance is an important consideration for any boat or personal watercraft owner. It provides coverage for the vessel and its passengers, as well as for liability in case of an accident. A typical policy covers repairs to the craft due to fire, theft, vandalism, weather damage, and collisions with other boats. It may also cover medical payments to passengers injured while aboard the vessel and legal costs associated with a lawsuit resulting from a boating accident injury.

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More About Watercraft Insurance

One key factor when choosing watercraft insurance is how much coverage you need. Your selection will depend on what type of boat you own and how often it is used. For example, if you have a more expensive yacht that you use frequently, you may want more extensive coverage than someone who owns a small fishing boat or jet ski.


Another important area to consider is the deductible amount you’ll pay with each claim. Generally, higher deductibles will result in lower premiums, while lower deductibles may cost more but can also provide better coverage. Depending on your policy and the type of coverage, you can sometimes choose between different levels of deductibles for various coverages.

You should also consider additional riders or endorsements that could be added to your watercraft insurance policy to better protect you and your passengers against particular incidents not covered by standard policies. For example, if you tow people behind your boat for recreational activities such as water skiing, some companies offer a rider that provides extra liability protection for those activities.


Overall, watercraft insurance is an important consideration for boat and personal watercraft owners. It provides vital coverage to protect your investment as well as the safety of you and your passengers.


Get Help with Watercraft Insurance

Whether you’re a recreational boater or frequent sailor, it pays to do your research and find the right coverage for you and your vessel. ​Our team can help, both in answering your questions about how much coverage you need as well as helping you find a carrier that provides low rates on your insurance plan. Click on the quote button or call our offices today to schedule a free consult.

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