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Flood Insurance

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Flood insurance is a specialized type of insurance designed to compensate policyholders for losses they incur due to flooding. It provides financial protection against physical damage caused by flooding, and may cover things like the cost of repairs to buildings and residences, clean-up costs, and lost possessions. In most cases, flood insurance also covers additional living expenses incurred while the policyholder is waiting for repairs to be made.

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More About Flood Insurance

Flood insurance typically covers both sudden and gradual flooding, which means that it can be used to protect property from damage caused by storms, melting snow, rivers overflowing their banks, and even backed-up sewers. It is important to note that standard homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood-related damage, so a separate policy is necessary to be adequately protected.

In the United States, people who live in areas deemed to be at high risk of flooding may be required by law to obtain flood insurance. This requirement is usually based on local maps and other data indicating that a certain area is prone to flooding. Those who are not in high-risk areas may also be able to purchase flood insurance if they wish, although rates and coverage limits may vary depending on the risk level of the property.

When shopping for flood insurance, it’s important to consider both your current needs and any potential future needs. Be sure to ask questions and read your policy thoroughly before signing up, so that you understand what is and is not covered. Additionally, it’s always a smart idea to contact your local insurance agent to see if there are any additional discounts or special offers available.


Get Help with Flood Insurance

Flood insurance can provide an important layer of protection for homeowners, renters, and businesses—and in some cases can mean the difference between financial security and disaster. To get assistance with your flood insurance policy, call us or click on the quote button to set up your free consultation.

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