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Do Good, Feel Good

At Lehigh Partners, community support is at the heart of our mission, and the Community Cause Program is one way we give back. We are proud to announce that Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley (PNLV) has been selected as the organization for this quarter. PNLV is a community organization that is dedicated to creating inclusive and safe neighborhoods in the Greater Lehigh Valley, where children can thrive in school and adults and families can prosper.

What sets PNLV apart is their unique approach of using trusted community messengers to deliver consistent public health messaging. PNLV is staffed and led by neighborhood residents in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This helps to build trust and support within the community, making their efforts even more effective.

We will donate $10 to PNLV for each friend or family member you refer to our agency, who receives a no-obligation insurance quote. Your support can assist us in achieving our mission. Can you think of how many referrals you can provide?

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